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Since 1996 our goal has been to help tutors and students find each other quickly and easily.

Using our service a tutor can attract students with ease. Students can search for a tutor/instructor to help him or her master a subject or just sharpen their skills. As the first tutor referral service on the internet created in 1996, TutorMatch has the most experience in finding a better way for tutors and students to find each other.

TutorMatch is a leading tutoring referral service for educators and students. Professional and skilled tutors offer academic assistance and skills development, geared to the learning styles of their students. Individualized attention and educational coaching build strong academic achievement, and TutorMatch instructors can offer each student the time and attention required.

At TutorMatch, parents and students have choices for quality and effective education. Tutoring options include face to face meetings or individualized instruction through intenet online options. E-mail tutoring is easy. Students who want feedback on an essay simply e-mail the work or send it as an attachment. Tutors reply with comments and suggestions for improvement. Email also provides a digital archive to save and reference later. Multiple drafts become a natural result of the medium, and through revisions, students grow as writers and come to understand the learning process.

"Our goal is to conveniently help match tutors with students..."

TutorMatch can also help facilitate distance learning by helping home schooled children find appropriate tutors in the subject they need help in. Many home schooled students do not live near major cities and need the help of a tutor via email or the internet.

TutorMatch offers rewarding marketing opportunities. The site's exploding popularity makes it an excellent advertising site for educational products and services of all types. Join us in the evolution of education. Join TutorMatch.