Become a Tutor with TutorMatch

How Does it Work For Tutors?

It's easy for tutors to reach more students than ever. Tutors simply create their own personalized tutor profile which is then made available both to major search engines and to students searching the TutorMatch database.

There are two ways you can list your professional tutoring profile with TutorMatch:

  1. Basic, free listing: We offer a free tutor profile listing which limits you to only specifying 1 tutor subject. Your profile is listed in our database with thousands of other tutors, and advertising links are displayed on your profile.
  2. Premium Preferred Subscription: For the low price of $19 for 6 months or $29 for a year, tutors can create a Premium Preferred listing which appears first in all searches before other tutors are listed. In addition, all advertisements are removed from your profile page. This gives you much greater exposure and chance of being hired.

Tutors specify their level of education, tutoring experience, tutoring style, hours of availability, hourly rates, and desired tutoring commitment levels. No personal contact information is published (Last Name, Phone Number and Email address are all hidden). Our specialized ranking system allows tutors to specify subjects within pre-determined areas of expertise for which they would like to provide tutoring services.

Tutors can login to their tutor profile and modify their information at any time.

Since has been on the internet since 1996, students and parents trust us as a valuable resource for finding tutors. Tutors advertising in our database stand a much better chance of being contacted and hired by potential students due to our increased exposure in search engines. Tutors which upgrade their listing to Premium Preferred stand a 50% better chance of contacted and hired than basic, free listings.

How Do you Cancel your Premium Membership with TutorMatch?

TutorMatch's Premium Membership option is a great way to increase your visibility when students search for you, and it's one of the lowest prices for advertising on the internet in a target market! But please note the membership is a recurring payment subscription option handled through Paypal. You are free to cancel at any time, but if you don't, your subscription will be automatically re-billed for your convenience at the end of the term you originally purchased (either every 6 months or 12 months).

Why Paypal? TutorMatch takes your financial and identity safety very seriously! For that reason, we NEVER ask for your credit card number, and we never have any of that information on our servers, at any time. Paypal, the world's larges and most trusted financial institution, handles all our transactions, and simply pays us once your payment has cleared. This protects us from fraudulent charges, but mostly it protects you, the internet consumer. Because Paypal handles your charges (even if you don't have an account - they take any major credit card and personal checks) you are always in control of when and if you get charged. You are free to cancel your membership with us at any time, by simply following these instructions:

Please note - you DO NOT need a Paypal account to make a purchase via Paypal. As the world's largest and most trusted bank, they are simply an easy clearing house to accept payments and broker financial arrangements between us and you. Even without an account you can place a credit card charge with them and still be protected by their Buyer Safety agreement.

Is Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Absolutely! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our service. As one of, if not the, oldest online tutor directory on the internet, we are 100% committed to your loyalty and satisfaction!