How TutorMatch Works

It's fast, free, and easy to find a tutor ... start searching today!

There is no account to create or membership to sign up for; as a student or parent simply use our free tools to either:

  1. Find a local tutor near your home for face-to-face teaching, or
  2. Browse through a list of tutoring subjects to find an online tutor who will work with you over the internet.

Once you have found a potential tutor candidate, simply click on the "Contact this Tutor" button on their profile page. You will be presented with an online form to provide your contact information. You only provide the contact information you want, and only to the tutors you select!

Your contact information is confidential and never shared with anyone else. The form you complete is forwarded to the tutor you selected and only they will use this information to contact you.

What is TutorMatch's main purpose?

TutorMatch's main purpose is to provide an easy way for qualified tutors and students to find each other.

Does it cost anything to find a tutor for myself or my child?

No, it is free for any student to search for a tutor or utilize TutorMatch's resources.

Does it cost anything to sign up as a tutor on TutorMatch?

It costs nothing to list a basic profile on Tutormatch, tutor listings are free. But for a small subscription price of only $29 per year, Tutors are given preferred profile listings in search results and more listing options (with better exposure).

How do I find a tutor?

Just go to the TutorMatch search page and enter your zip code or town, and click "Find a Tutor". It's that easy! TutorMatch allows the student, or their parents, the ability to exchange information with the tutor via private emaill before making any decisions or commitment.

How do I sign up as a tutor?

Just visit our Tutor Sign Up page and create a new profile. You can choose between a free or subscription-based listing.

Then you may complete your Tutor Profile that will help better enable prospective students to know if you are the right tutor for them. After TutorMatch determines that your resume fulfills basic standards, your information will be placed in the TutorMatch database which is viewed by thousands of students looking for tutoring.

How will students contact me (as a tutor)?

When someone conducts a search on TutorMatch to find a tutor, they will fill out a form which hides your email address from them. This form, however, will be sent to you, so you can contact the student or parent if you feel they offer a tutoring opportunity which you can fulfill.

What are the average hourly charges for tutors?

This depends on the location and experience of the tutor. But here is a good rule of thumb to follow:

Certified Teachers & College/University Professors $30 - $100 per hour
Graduate Students $20 - $70 per hour
College/University Graduates $15 - $50 per hour
College/University Students $10 - $40 per hour
High School Students
(with or without a H.S. Diploma or equivalent)
$5 - $40 per hour

What methods of communication are available for tutors and students?

Tutoring can be performed face to face or electronically via e-mail, chat, fax, or phone.