Parents Teaching Overseas

Parents Teaching Overseas

This web site is at [ was formerly known as Tutor2000].

This is a service to people that are offering or seeking a tutorial service. Once a tutor is located, charges for the services are negotiated directly with the tutor selected. Charges vary, depending on the number of exchanges per week, etc. Tutors post information on the Tutor2000 web site about themselves, including their area of expertise, how to make contact, resume, and in some cases a list of references. (Some even post their photograph!) In addition to listing an e-mail address, tutors may choose to supply a phone number and/or mailing address. After reviewing information about a tutor, parents or students can exchange information with a tutor over e-mail prior to making any commitments. if(both parties decide to go ahead, scheduling, payment information, and other communications may also be made via e-mail.

Unless the tutor is located nearby and can actually provide face-face help, tutoring is conducted electronically. Usually this is done with an exchange of e-mail. Tutor2000 does provide a chat room that will enable a tutor and a tutee to conduct sessions on-line.

Tutors are listed as either elementary or secondary, with areas of specialty under each of these headings. Tutors can be found with specialties in basic study skills, foreign languages, learning disabilities, math, writing, college entrance preparation, English as a second language, French and Spanish, just to name a few.

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