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National Tutoring Association

Tutor 2000 is a website found at [ was formerly known as Tutor2000].

Tutor2000 provides a service to people that offer a tutoring service and to people that are seeking a tutorial service. Here tutors can post information on the Tutor 2000 website about themselves, including their address and resume, and then potential students can browse the available tutor listings. Both can use this site as a bulletin board to advertise and find tutorial services.

The web provides Tutor2000 a global audience, and enables tutors from all over the world to post their resumes while allowing prospective students to browse through the available tutor listings. Once posted, a resume reaches millions of people that are connected to the web. Most search engines, for example Yahoo have a link to this site. Tutor 2000 allows tutors to advertise themselves in a confidential manner. The tutor could choose to supply their e-mail (without their phone number or their mailing address) and resume. This listing of the tutor's professional, academic, and personal background can be accessed through the site.

Students can browse through the tutor lists to find a tutor with the academic credentials to help them overcome their academic deficiencies. Tutor 2000 offers the students, or their parents, the ability to exchange information with the tutor over e-mail before making any commitment.

Scheduling and other communications may be made via e-mail. Tutors also have the opportunity to return the student's message in a convenient manner, electronically. The potential for scheduling conflicts may be reduced with this form of communication and session scheduling. if(a student is ever dissatisfied with any tutor they can always come back to Tutor 2000 to search for a new tutor.

Tutoring may be face to face or transmitted electronically. A person seeking help may look for tutors in a particular geographic area and schedule a direct meeting. Sometimes, when looking for tutors offering help in a particular content area, it may be necessary to conduct the session electronically. For example if a student wants his/her essays checked for grammar he/she can e-mail or send an attachment to the tutor. The tutor will reply with suggestions on how improvements can be made. E-mail also provides an "electronic" hardcopy that can be saved with the exact explanation of the tutor for Future reference.

The tutor and tutee can arrange a time to meet at the Tutor 2000 Tutor Chat Room, which will enable a tutor and a tutee to conduct their session on-line- in real time. The tutor and tutee can conduct their session in privacy for as long as they like. Tutor 2000 offers a way of finding a tutor, or for a tutor to find a student.

Organizations that want to post a company logo or some information concerning their services may choose to advertise at this site.