First Ever Web Site Matching Students and Tutors on the Net

First Ever Web Site Matching Students and Tutors on the Net

As of January 1997, Tutor2000 has been matching students and tutors over the Internet. Located on the Net at [ was formerly known as Tutor2000], this site matches tutors and students by utilizing the power of the Internet. The first tutor referral service conducted over the World Wide Web, Tutor2000 transforms one-to-one education into an efficient and lucrative business.

At Tutor2000, tutors receive a web page to post information about themselves, enabling anyone to read about their professional background, personal style, location, and cost. The web provides Tutor2000 with a global audience which allows tutors from all over the world to post resumes, emphasize specialties, and target an education niche while allowing millions of prospective students to browse through the available tutor listings.

Tutors can advertise themselves in a confidential manner by supplying their credentials and e-mail address alone (without their phone number or mailing address). Tutor2000 allows the student, or their parents, the ability to exchange information with the tutor via e-mail before making any commitment. Anticipating scheduling conflicts saves time and prevents frustration; and electronic communication avoids the answering machine or busy signal blues.

Tutoring can be performed face to face or electronically. Looking for tutors in a particular geographic area to schedule a direct meeting or communicating via e-mail is easy. For example, if a student wants feedback on an essay, he can e-mail it or send it as an attachment to a tutor. The tutor could reply with suggestions on how the piece may be improved. E-mail also provides an "electronic" hard copy that can be saved enabling the student to save the exact explanation from the tutor for future reference. Multiple drafts become a natural result of the medium helping students along in the process of revision. The tutor and student can also arrange a time to meet at the Tutor2000 tutor chat room to conduct their session in real time on-line. Chatting lets the tutor and student to conduct a private session for as long as they like - regardless of the distance separating them! This is another way that tutoring can be performed electronically. Instructions for using the chat room is also available for first time users.

This new method of matching students and tutors is revolutionizing the traditional tutor referral business and offers others to benefit from it. For example, teachers and educators could become official Tutor2000 representatives, to supplement their income. The representative would be assigned a geographical area in which they would market Tutor2000, and would receive a commission for every paid tutor that signs up in their assigned area.

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